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    Who are we?

    Although the company formally began to exist in 2013, its roots go back a little further, as it was formed from two activities revolving around the construction and electrical industries. It is, among other things, the ability to combine, sometimes seemingly opposite elements, that became the ideafix of our company. Just as we combine experience with progressiveness and design with ergonomics, we are not afraid of bold, eclectic solutions in interior design and an unconventional approach to project implementation.

    Our portfolio

    What we are about?

    Our realizations are characterized above all by diligence, quality and timeliness, and the companies we have worked with appreciate in us the transparency of the entire process and the ability to control multiple threads in the project simultaneously. We want our realizations to be the best testimony of the opinion given to us, so we prefer to encourage you to get acquainted with our portfolio.

    What is the idea of office fit-out?

    With the dynamic development of the labor market, as well as the emergence of the newnormal reality, companies have been forced to rethink the concept of office space. Fitout is the answer to most of the questions that arise on this topic, especially due to the flexibility of the process and the emphasis placed on personalized solutions.


    Fitout starts as early as the conceptual phase, during which the interior design has to be looked at from many sides and through the prism of many people. Carefully adjusting the design and finding that golden mean is a guarantee of carrying out a successful fitout.

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