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    concept phase

    We can state with full responsibility that a wellprepared project improves the work at each subsequent stage.

    Therefore, we would like to offer you support in the selection of a proven designer, choosing the right solutions and materials. We have an extensive database of proven suppliers thanks to which we are always able to carry out orders at the highest level and on time.



    project phase

    The range of available projects with which we are able to support any implementation:

    • Inventory allows us to determine the current state of the object/interior and identify elements to be dismantled or used.
    • Concept consists of a general determination of function, aesthetics, and needs.
    • Preliminary investment project helps determine costs
    • Interior architectural design helps streamline the work of the teams and optimize implementation by reducing the palette of finishes and materials.
    • Permits, agreements, evacuation projects documents necessary for the implementation of the project (e.g. opinion of the fire officer; health and safety, and sanitary experts).
    • Technical projects technical documentation of all kinds of installations.
    • Project coordination involves coordinating all projects to avoid inconsistencies and the risk of changes after implementation.
    • Asbuilt documentation serves to rearrange and improve maintenance.



    realisation phase

    The scope of work we are able to provide:

    • Installation of curtain walls, partitions, suspended ceilings, and doors.
    • Plastering, filling, painting, wallpapering.
    • Installation of decorative panels, tiles, and other elements.
    • Adjustment of surfaces for installation of carpets, including their installation.
    • Marking surfaces from outside and inside.
    • Installations: electrical and teletechnical; server; fire and alarm; water and sewage; SAP; HVAC.



    space equipment phase

    Our Group also includes a carpentry shop, Life Style Wood, thanks to which we can offer you all kinds of builtins and furniture made according to your needs.

    We make, among other things:

    • Kitchens along with the purchase, delivery and installation of necessary equipment
    • Closets, bookcases and the implementation of individual arrangements of furniture development
    • Receptions
    • Conference rooms
    • Offices
    • Office workstations